Box League

In 2017 we ran a box league for the first time - it proved highly successful and will be doing the same again.

The week before the league starts (mid-September) a ClubSpark message is sent to all adult members inviting them to sign up and giving details of how we run it.

Please contact the Box League Administrator if you’d like to join or for more information.

The Box League web site can be found here

Deadline dates for completion of matches and submission of results:

Round 1: Sunday 30th September

Round 2 : Sunday 14th October

Round 3: Sunday 28th October

Round 4: Sunday 11th November

Round 5: Sunday 25th November

Round 6: Sunday 9th December

Round 7: Sunday 23rd December

Please note: Adult Club Night games have priority over box league matches

Box League basics

A box has four players, with each player playing one set of doubles (first to 6) partnering with every other player in their box, i.e. a box will play a total of three sets.

The player who wins the most games is promoted and the player who wins fewest is relegated.

The league runs on a two week cycle, Friday to Thursday and the published deadlines will be strictly observed.

Players are responsible for arranging to play their box league games. It is obviously better to arrange to play them in the first week rather than the second to give yourselves as much chance as possible to complete.