Club Championships, 3rd September 2017

Mens Singles

Winner: Johnny Porter
Runner up: Dinny Davies

Ladies Singles

Winner: Gaynor Hawthornthwaite
Runner up: Sara Oswell

Mens Doubles

Winners: Andy Long & Chris Turner
Runners up: Johnny Porter & Kemper Booher

Ladies Doubles

Winners: Heather Williams & Gaynor Hawthornthwaite
Runners up: Margaret Wilding & Jayne Purdue

Mixed Doubles

Winners: Gaynor Hawthornthwaite & Andy Long
Runners up:@ Jayne Purdue & Johnny Porter

Fun Mixed Doubles

Winners: Jayne Purdue & Kemper Booher
Runners up: Heather McBride & Johnny Porter

Veterans Mixed Doubles

Winners: Margaret Wilding & Bob Floyd
Runners up: Val Keeling & Graham Finnegan

Boys Under 18s Singles

Winner: Harry Carter
Runners up: Bruce Haw

An account of the excellent day’s tennis can be found here